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How to get to CASA Speech Therapy

CASA Speech and Development Services 

501 W. RAY RD STE 1

(480) 296-2363 (telephone)
480-685-9875 (fax)

Mailing Address:
CASA Speech Therapy, LLC
1909 E Ray Rd Ste 9-244
Chandler, AZ 85225


How much do private sessions cost?

Please call our office at (480) 296-2363 to learn about our pricing.

How Can I Pay?

CASA Speech Therapy (DBA The Speak Center), LLC currently accepts DDD benefits, private insurance (BCBS of AZ), cash, check, and all major credit cards for services rendered.

Do you take insurance?

Yes, we take Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) and Aetna insurance.

What does a private evaluation cost?

Please call our office at (480) 296-2363 to learn about our pricing.

are you hiring?

Yes, please visit our “Careers” page for more information or email your resume to

Why do some parents seek private speech services?

Sometimes parents prefer for their child to be seen 1:1 as opposed to in group settings which is the model followed in most schools. Additionally, students must meet eligibility criteria in schools to receive speech and will need to be on an IEP. If parents are opposed to having their child in special education they may seek private speech therapy. Lastly, if a child does not meet eligibility in the school setting, the parent may want a second opinion in order to get remediation for their child’s speech deficits quickly.

how long will therapy take?

The length of therapy depends on your goals, your frequency of therapy, and your dedication to practicing at home. Your therapist will evaluate your specific situation and draw on their experience to help identify realistic expectations.